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Default Re: Kobe scoring 30 and losing is better than scoring 0-10-20 and losing

Originally Posted by Pointguard
I hear what you are saying but he's not giving it his all on defense. When the season opened Kobe wasn't trying to teach people knowledge of the Princeton offense. He wasn't getting on players about personal responsibility. He doesn't show sacrifice or selflessness to change things. He was never a people person so leadership isn't going to be easy for him. He has his flaws but people aren't ready to say them for whatever reason. Duncan is hard to criticize, but he's got some obvious flaws too. Its ok. Kobe is top 10 GOAT -rarefied air - but he's got flaws like everybody else.


I saw the game and saw every other game.

All I see is selfishness and a neurotic fixation on his own ego.

As a manager of a huge company (aka a leader), I can say with full doubt there is no way he can build his team or motivate them if he is out for himself. A leader thinks about others; a child thinks about himself.

Kobe can get his stats and chase that stupid Kareem record all he wants, but in the end, if he can't motivate the guys around him to win a game, he aint worth sh*t.

It is one thing to have a great individual performance to win a game, but it is quite another when you used your entire team to destroy the opposition.

Kobe just aint on that level; he can't be a leader because he is too absorb in his own ego to make the guys around him better.
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