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Default Re: Lakers are now 1-11 when Kobe scores 30 or more points

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
OP has a legit point.

Many ball hoggers such as Iverson, Chamberlain, and yes, even Jordan, have failed to consistently win based on scoring.

It is when they utilize their energies for other important aspects of the game (defense, assist, smart basketball, blocks, steals, etc.) they were able to integrate their teammates in the game and build team chemistry.

Shot chucking hurts team chemistry, so it is not too far fetch to hypothesize Kobe's absymal win record is a result of his shot chucking ways.

It takes a team to win a game, not one person, and if that person is too selfish to get the team involve and they end up with a losing record, then it is their selfishness that is to be blame, not the team.

This is a tough concept to grasp because individual stats look good for the person who is chucking up the shots. If you take 30+ shots and make 40% of it, all the fanboys will see 30+ and jizz in their pants and say you are doing your job, but what they fail to realize is those shots don't mean jack if other guys are not involved and that team play is much more important than individual numbers, and especially if those shots mean the defense is going to get worst, then the overall evaluation of a player should also take that into consideration.

Scoring is only 1 small aspect of the game; defense, assist, hustle, team chemistry, etc. makes up over 90% of the qualities of a player that takes to win

History also shows that guys like Wilt, MJ and Kobe won multiple rings by leading the team in scoring.

Also, you act like Kobe is taking a ridiculous amount of shots compared to MJ and Wilt that would hinder the team.

Kobe's FGA this year is basically the same and consistent as the years he went back to back.

The only difference, his teammates are playing like crap. It's not like he's averaging 40 or 50 points a game where his teammates can't get involved.
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