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Default Re: Lakers are now 1-11 when Kobe scores 30 or more points

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
First of all, it's 18 years. 1995-present.
So one year is going to make a difference. That one more year convinced you that watching Toronto wasn't an awful experience? Or that Gasol and Nash are awful?
Second, I'm talking about Nash and Gasol RIGHT NOW are awful from what we've seen. I've watched the Lakers all year (Nash I'll excuse, because of the injury but he certainly wasn't playing good). I thought you were talking about these current Lakers as they are now vs the Primes of Carter and Bosh. They aren't better if that's what your implying and yes I would take prime Carter over prime Gasol.

And what was Gasol's record before joining the Lakers in the playoffs ? Almost no difference from Chris Bosh's record with the Raptors. Bosh on the Lakers in 09 and 10 would probably have lead to chips too.
Bosh isn't triangle friendly. He isn't an inside anchor on defense or offense. Doesn't block a lot of shots or get a lot of assist. The guy I responded to said Kobe teammates were awful and they are three HOFer's on teams they were largely responsible for being an integral piece on excellent teams. Toronto was never an excellent team and VC and Bosh may very well not make it in the HOF (I hope they both do tho). Miami would take Gasol for Bosh in a minute right now. Bosh doesn't even claim a spot near the rim half the time. Wade and Lebron often block more shots than him and take more shots near the rim. Lebron out rebounds him way too much. He's a rouge roaming power forward/center on a team that needs a post player.
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