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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

Originally Posted by knickballer
If judging by todays stats Elway would be an average NFL QB lol..

That would be by an awfully shallow way to look at it, though. It would ignore:

-He was extremely clutch
-The Drive
-He played with little offensive talent until the end of his career
-He won a lot (held the record for wins when he retired)
-Only 2 losing seasons in his career
-He was a gunslinger who took chances, but he kind of had to
-Led his team to 5 SBs
-Won 2 SBs
-Won MVP

Though, I guess the problem is the people who only look at stats.

If you can't see the difference between then and now, you should visit you local optometrist.

Yes, that has to be taken into consideration, but you also have to take into consideration who Montana played with and who his coach was. He was in a great position to have a lot of success.

And still I ask you. With one game one the line who would you want under center? Montana.

Incredibly hard to say. I could go by winning % and say someone like Graham or Brady. Maybe go with someone who was extremely clutch like Elway. Maybe go with someone like Favre. Yeah, he had his off-days, but when he was on he was really on. It didn't matter who his receivers were nor who he was going against. Are you talking about a SB game? Montana of course would be a great choice (regardless if SB or not), but you could also look at what Young did in the SB. But, I wonder why you're asking about a single game, though. The answer is just too difficult to say as it's too hard to single one guy out.
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