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Default Mike Woodson: Coaching Performance and Review 2012/2013

“I’m not gonna go there, man,” Woodson said. “The bottom line is when I took over the team, we went in another direction. . . . Every guy that we brought in here I thought were all defensive-minded guys, and all knew how to play.”

Woodson meanwhile, insisted he retained a significant amount of D’Antoni’s system while adding his own tweaks, such as making Anthony the focal point. Under D’Antoni, the offense was being run through the since-departed Jeremy Lin.

“I didn’t abandon his offense,” Woodson said. “I’ve taken his offense and I’ve added. We’re still playing open basketball, trying to give guys the freedom to play.

“I’ve used a lot of my offense but I’ve also taken his offense and I’ve tried to expand it. In some things I like to run, like double pick-and-rolls, and triples, and misdirection plays and things of that nature. . . . I like everything about Mike’s offense,” Woodson said. “I really do.”

He has really left his imprints on this team in a good way. Got the team cohesive and rolling at the same time and utilizing his main weapons beautifully

still have areas to work on such as how to play the bigger teams matchup-wise, get our rebounding up, etc

cant wait to see what he will do with amare when he gets back
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