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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Rob Parker calling someone a corny bother is comedy. Take a look in the mirror, seriously.

Exactly what I was Gunna say. The guy is an embarrassment and has been to me for a Long while. He's not very bright and has made COrNbALL statements in the past. He tries to hard to look like a modern black guy but he comes off as a shithead.

DC is called Chocolate city. Steven A has acknowledged this a few times regarding RGIII so it's easy to see how black folks can identify and b proud of his influence. He went to the perfect realistic team, as did Andrew Luck.

Griffin breaks so many molds that simpletons jus still cannot compute. They, namely Parker here, doesn't know how to praise accurately so he bashes. This is the same black guy who said when he was 10 that he was Gunna be an NfL QB and then a lawyer....

He's an NFL QB with a background degree in political science...ppl jus need throw stones even if someone is a bona fide role model all of AMERICA should be proud of.

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