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Originally Posted by kobesabi
Yes...lack of chemistry. No ionic bond, hydrogen bond, dipole bond or anything. Just London nano dispersion forces at the angstrom level...mostly. :)

But they don't seem to exude any comraderie like the other Big 3. Even staying won't help. Maybe Dwight is already making up his decision in leaving so he does show any bonding in public so when he leave, it would not be so bad.

I think you guys are reading WAY TOO MUCH into this, the team is losing and we have a coach who has absolutely no idea what he is doing, it is a very bleak situation for guys who want to win a you really expect them to be happy and dancing????? Dwight loves it here and has made comments that he plans to re-sign.......if there is any issue it has to be against the coach because he doesn't believe in the post game.
If Dwight stays it will only be with 'Antoni fired......we may as well get a start on that right now.
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