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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

It's gotten so bad to where when I call my parents and my mom answers, she knows I'm calling my dad to rant about Chandler not grabbing the ball lol. It's gotten so bad to where my 3 year old daughter was yelling "Grab the Ball!" with me at the TV

1. My bad....

2. How does help defense incresse blocks on the wing?

3. He's better than McGhee, much better.

4. Melo is being recognized for putting together an Mvp year so far, that's the ultimate credit to the teams success.

5. You can be a good defender and not be a shotblocker. Deandre for instance gets a lot of blocks but is not a good defender.

6. i dont care how he scores, he does it

7. So you're hoping he become average again?

8. Yes he did, ironically Charlotte made their only playoff appearance that year, but I gueds he was no help.

9. Nope, I don't complain about the salary at all.

I merely respond to constant complaining of how the team was made up, and reference why.

I don't care how much the players make, but the expectation is for them to play up to it.

Look, I realize you don't like Tyson which is fine.

But don't belittle what the guy does.

Take him off this team, and they would win less.

2. Shot blockers get most of their blocks as a help defender. Not on their actual man... and who said anything about the wing?

3. As you said, numbers don't lie. Compare the numbers, including the minutes played.

4.Yes but everytime we get a win, it was because of someone else.

5. I totally agree. And I dont think Chandler is a horrible defender. I just think he's an overrated defender. He isn't the GREAT defender like ppl say he is.

6. Look, I have no problems with him catching easy lobs, but I can't give him credit for someone else's hard work. That's Felton's props as well as Woody's. Chandler is just the recipient.

7. No. If you read what I said, I said "I hope he doesn't" meaning I hope he keeps this pace up because he's normally a career 63% guy.

8. He was a bench player and he avg 6 ppg and 6 rpg. He only started 27 games because he stunk up the joint. Ask Bobcat fans (if you can find any lol) how they feel about his play there.

9.And my point is, he doesn't play like a 14 million dollar player. That's it.

He had some huge tap-out/psuedo-rebounds at the end there though.

I wish he would just grab the damn ball. He's the talest player on the court. Sometimes those taps lead to fast breaks the other way.
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