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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by MightyWhitey
I like Chandler. I think he's a really good teammate for the Knicks. He can play great defense. However I have 3 beefs with him.

1) Stop crying like a baby when you don't get a call.
2) Stop swatting the ball and actually use both hands to grab that rebound.
3) It wouldn't be bad to practice shooting simple 8 footers to help offensively.

Him and Melo complain entirely too much. Melo wasn't always like this. I noticed this in Chandler last year and made mention of it when I went to the Wizards/Knicks games. That's also a fault of Mike Woodson. You're supposed to stand up for your players. Old veteran's coaching tactic. Take a tech for your team.
1. It shows them your support.
2. the coach gets the tech instead of the star player
3.The ref listens to the coach more than players anyway.
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