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Default Free Throws and why the Knicks cannot f@#k them up

I grew up watching the Knicks during the Ewing/Oakley era. One thing Pat Riley would drill into their brain skulls was the importance of the Free Throw. It seems that this Melo era Knicks team miss so many free throws that it will cost them wins soon.
Kidd could've cost the Knicks the game against the Nets when he missed that free throw in the final seconds of the game. Kudos for him nailing the 3 but what if D-Will had answered back at the other end? His free throw would have been the saving grace.

J.R. Smith with all his inconsistencies, as well as Felton, have to assert themselves with making these FT's. No excuses. Riley was right about FT's and Woodson should take up that cue too.
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