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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

Originally Posted by Jackass18
That would be by an awfully shallow way to look at it, though. It would ignore:

-He was extremely clutch
-The Drive
-He played with little offensive talent until the end of his career
-He won a lot (held the record for wins when he retired)
-Only 2 losing seasons in his career
-He was a gunslinger who took chances, but he kind of had to
-Led his team to 5 SBs
-Won 2 SBs
-Won MVP

Though, I guess the problem is the people who only look at stats.

So then the exact same can be said about Montana.

And not a SB. For like the fate of the world we have to play a football game, and we get to pick any player. I say it because it's a common hypothetical question used to measure athletes. It determines which among a group you tend to have more confidence in.

I can change it to which QB would you start a franchise with? I believe the answer is still Montana.
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