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Default Re: OT: Ban Rap Music

Originally Posted by Wizardly Cool
Whatever happened to freedom of speech? We're removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance, and trying to ban the most successful and profitable genre of music ever. What's next? Censorship is a joke. It'll have a reverse effect. By banning a particular music, you only further pi$$ off people.

We don't need the government stepping in to censorship things. It's not the government's responsibility to intervene for our children. That's the parent's responsibility. Oh wait, this is America, so saying parents and responsibility in the same sentence would be moronic.

The word God was added in 1954 becasue of a lobby by the Knights of Columbus, so it is not even in the original lyrics, and it is not really related to freedom of speech but freedom of/from religion. Sorry that was un-related but I felt like sharing.

Do you have any proof of rap/hip-hop being the most successful/profitable music ever? You may be right but I highly doubt that it has surpassed, or even approached rock & roll:

Led Zeppelin - 250+million albums sold
Pink Floyd - 250+ million
Queen - 250+ million
AC/DC - 100+ million
Aerosmith - 100+ million
Creedence Clearwaer Revival - 100+ million
Deep Purple - 100+ million
The Eagles - 100+ million
The Rolling Stones - 100+ million
U2 - 100+ million
The Who - 100 + million
Guns N' Roses - 75+ million
Iron Maiden - 75+ million
Metallica - 75+ million
KISS - 75+ million
Van Halen - 75+ million

The list goes on and on, and I didn't even include Elvis or The Beatles. I'm not trying to start a flame war, but I highly doubt rap has even approached the mecca that is rock & roll.

I do agree 100% on your censorship post, even outside of music. You can "f*ck" 7 times in a PG-13 movie but 8 is an R rating. WTF?! Who decided that?
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