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Default Re: Why are Raptors fans so awesome?

Originally Posted by Graviton
Is it the maple syrup? The bagged milk? Canadian bacon? Free health insurance? Noble French roots? I strive everyday to be more like you guys. You are role models for the way NBA fanbases should act.

Shhh dont tell another soul... we wouldnt want to have to hunt you down...don't tell any Americans, Germans, Britishers, Japanese, nor anyone....

We dont even tell this to the euro fans of Bargnani...

It is CANADIAN BEER ! Bier Canadien !

(which has secret ancient traditions and ingrediants that include Maple syrup, bagged milk, Back Bacon - and drank while knowing we have free medical insurance, passed down to us by generations of great French Quebecer brewing lore, a few Scots and Germans. Also mostly really clean water).

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