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Default Re: Tim Duncan reestablishing himself as best big man in NBA

Originally Posted by Brick Rick
Wait, so is he a center or power forward? Will we ever know?

He played PF for the majority of his career and guys like McHale, Shaq, Robinson, Sloan, Ramsay, and so many others regards him as the GOAT PF.

If you ask me, it's not that hard to wrap your head around, but I understand many fans on ISH haven't been watching him that long and/or were young when Duncan was notching MVP's. I've been watching him since day 1 and he definitely played like a typical PF. People today think the average PF is Kevin Love or Dirk Nowitzki though. Duncan's full time move to center is entirely age related and wear-and-tear. Simply put, the guy is old. Centers in today's game = easier to guard.

Anyways, Duncan is the man.

Check out this game winning fadeaway over Karl Malone.
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