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Default Re: Tim Duncan reestablishing himself as best big man in NBA

The issue with Duncan is simple and like I always say. Had another team drafted him, he would have played C. Had Robinson decided to retire, Duncan would have played C. But Robinson was there so Duncan played PF. He pretty much played like a C. That's why they were the Two Towers. Robinson retired but Duncan didn't want to move from PF so they signed Nesterovic and Duncan stayed a PF for 4 years. Sometime during 07/08 Duncan started to mix it up more. In 08/09 he moved to C. That's the story.

When ranking Duncan, he should be ranked as a PF. That's where he's played the bulk of his career and that's where he's played his best ball. Now, he's most certainly a C. But for his career, it's obvious.

Hell, if Amare continued to play C throughout his career then we'd have to consider considering him as a C.
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