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Default Re: He's still the same old Kobe

Originally Posted by 28renyoy
Prime Shaq+rookie Durant=4 rings through first 5 years. Fact.

rookie Durant>rookie kobe. fact
2nd year durant>2nd year kobe. fact
3rd year durant>3rd year kobe. fact
4th year durant>4th year kobe. fact
5th year durant>5th year kobe. fact
6th year durant>any year kobe. fact
Durant's frail ass would flounder in the handchecking era. And LOL @ thinking he develops in the same way he did in Seattle/OKC.

As Phil said, he made Kobe do things even Michael wasn't responsible for on those Laker teams. LOL @ thinking Durant would able to be the de facto PG and run the offense like Godbe did during the first threepeat.
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