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Default Re: OT: Ban Rap Music

Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
And the world would be a better place. It's sexist, violent, and has been bringing down the youth for years. It's even infiltrating overseas and bearing n the minds of the youth over there. I remember in the early days of rap, it was banned in the more affluent of states for a reason. Most of it is crap. And this is coming from someone who listens to rap, has grown up with it, and still likes some of it. But I think the world would be a better place without it. Kids see it, think that that's what's hot, and try to portray everything that's being said. Every rapper's a gangster, hustler, drug dealer, or killer. While I myself listen to it, I'm slowly weaning myself off of it and refuse to let my kids listen to this s#!t. To me rap is the most influential form of genocide in history, because it promotes black on black violence and people are too dumb to even recognize it.

Hell, even heavy metal, that dark goth stuff isn't telling you to go out and kill christians or shoot that prep if he make fun of yo leather. Rap is one of the few forms of music that somebody has to dumb down just to get his point of ignorance across. I'm all for getting rid of porn. There's a reason that kids are becoming sexually active at younger ages with all the nudity and pornographic images readily available to them. But rap, hip hop, gangsta rap music irks the s#!t out of me. If I had to become famous by leaving behind a legacy of drug stories, sexual escapades, and blind violence I'd rather lead a more humble existence than sell my soul for a platinum plaque. But of course there's just too much money to be made, and as desensitized as we are who even cares anymore. But I kinda wish some politician would pick up the baton again and try to shake things up. Outright censorship would be too much to ask, and in these days and times unreasonable, but something needs to be done.

I'd never rap for money. Some lil kid comes up to me one day. I want to be just like you Bat. I want to grow up and be a hustla and a dboy. B!t@h you betta ask somebody. Immediately I would think 'what have I done?' But these rappers/entertainers have no conscience. I know I can be just as hypocritical as Tupac. Keep Ya Head Up one minute then a Hit Em Up the next. But I'm just stating my position. So yeah we need to monitor the greenhouse effect for global warming, clean up the planet to save the enviorment, but if we want to give these kids a brighter future the world would be a better place without rap music. Sayeth the Bat. nevermore.

I agree with all of this...I grew up listening to rap and nw that I am older I realize how much of an idiot I is starting to die down though

rap sales were down 30% last is starting to fall, people are getting sick of the hearing about how rich they are and how many fu-cking diamonds are in thier mouths...they need a new diretion....I can't really think of a rap artist today that I respect or even has become pop music...

porn on the other hand...that needs to stay....and it will always be doesn't go out of style....
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