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Default Re: Detroit at Brooklyn, Game Thread

Originally Posted by Michael_Wilbon
Can't believe they didn't call that. And Deron Williams really isn't that good. He's an average point guard in this league.

I wouldn't go that far but Deron is really struggling. He was supposed to carry us when Brook was injured but its not like he forgot how to play the game. Somewhere inside him is a volcano waiting to explode. He just needs that breakthrough game to find his niche. Even with his struggles, opposing teams make him a top priority on scouting reports. And man Joe is a really good addition. At first he was playing so lackadaisical when we got him but he really wants to run this offense and make the big plays.

And the Nets should have lost this one in regular game play but they got lucky when 2 points were taken away from the Pistons for no reason.
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