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Default Re: Gasol might be on trading block

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Yes I got you. What I am saying is, he might have easier opportunities on a team where he isn't even the main focus on the offense.

Statistics tell you about a certain trend. With the raptors as the number one focus, these are the numbers he puts up. On a team with Dwight and Kobe, we don't know how these stats will play out. Remember when Ariza was good playing with Pau and Kobe, and not on any other team?

He just doesnt come to me as a up gasol is too much for me...

Gasol has to be used in the post and with Nash before we start putting him in trades

Still the best trade is Josh Smiht/Korver/petro

then j hill/petro for Derrick Williams/Barea

talk about fast :)
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