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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by westsideozzie
Think of the talent they discarded over the past 20 years.

Chris Webber
Rasheed Wallace
Rod Strickland
Andre Blatche
Shaqin a Fool
Nick Young
Gilbert Arenas
Juwuan Howard

All these cats left and balled somewhere else because management did not get the most out of these dudes. What other franchise can say this?

Arenas at that point was declining - he needed to go.
Howard needed to go as well.

But you didn't mention Rip Hamilton for Jerry Stackhouse. Terrible.
And turning down sending Kwame Brown for Elton Brand, who at time was All-Star caliber.
Or how the Wizards could have drafted Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson or Tyson Chandler, Tony Parker, Zach Randolph over Kwame Brown.

But Wall and Beal could turn out to be special. Let's see.
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