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Default Re: GT: Kings at Thunder

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
The Thunder need a better bench & back-up SF. Honestly, they should go out & get Chris Douglas-Roberts (why did the Lakers get rid of this dude?) from the D-League, it's shocking really that he's still down in the D-League, because he's shown to be a serviceable bench player.

What's up with Eric Maynor? Admittedly I'm reading box scores on the dude this year, but when I watched him the past 2 years before this, he was great.

Maynor has been a scrub this year, contract year and his play has been disappointing. And rather than fix our bench, which really isn't that bad until 4th quarters, we need to get rid of the sack of **** that is Kendrick scrubkins.
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