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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Post is so offbase its hilarious. As RMWG said Jalen Rose told us what he thought as an 18yr old teen. He emphasized that numerous times when he made his comments about Duke and other black players. People like yourself skip over this and focus on certain things. Why? You just totally took what Rose meant left field when he himself explained his side. How the hell is that on the same level as Rob Parker actually feeling what he does now? No comparison.

Everyone screams freedom of speech but cry when there are consequences and repercussions behind it. I can call your mother a b!tch to her face with you standing there. Freedom of speech, but you have every right to knock every tooth from out of my mouth. I can say I like teenage girls they give me boners, freedom of speech but I wouldnt have friends, family and could lose my job depending where I worked.

Rob Parker can say what he did and if he wanted to go further? Feel free. But there are consequences for his words when he is on national television representing espn. What he said was ignorant as hell because since when was he ever crowned the spokesman for the "brothers?" When was he ever considered not a cornball brother? Anyone could disect how lame of a person Rob Parker is BEFORE his RGIII comments. Yet no one with the ability to voice that across televisions nationally did that. Yet he took the time to question how black RGIII is with some of the most ignorant stereotypical nonsense ever.

And I dont care whats said in barbershops. Lots of ignorant stuff is said there. Lots of married men would get divorced if their wives heard what they said. Barbershop talk being put on national television is not going to fly nor should it. Whether RGIII is Republican or not is no ones business. Black, white, female, male. Whom RGIII is sharing his life with is no ones business. He is not obligated to date, marry just black chicks. Nor is he obligated to choose whatever political party he thinks "blacks" say choose.

What cause is Rob Parker down for? Glad espn suspended his dumbass. When a white person says ignorant comments Rob Parker is all in. Now shoe is on the other foot, wear it you cornball brother.
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