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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Post is so offbase its hilarious. As RMWG said Jalen Rose told us what he thought as an 18yr old teen. He emphasized that numerous times when he made his comments about Duke and other black players. People like yourself skip over this and focus on certain things. Why? You just totally took what Rose meant left field when he himself explained his side. How the hell is that on the same level as Rob Parker actually feeling what he does now? No comparison.

Actually, I remember in the debate between Rose and SAS (skip was there too along with 2 other guys and jay crawford) concerning that whole Uncle Tom debate.. Somebody asked Rose to his face "Do you still believe that to this day?" Rose wouldn't answer. He was repeated the same question 2 more times. He would NOT answer it. Then the next day, he gets on and says that he believed that when he was a 19 year old kid but not anymore. Why did he not answer that direct question in that original First Take sequence though? It was simply "yes" or "no". No instant answer to a simple yes/no question = makes me question him. It took him the next day to come out and say he doesn't believe it anymore. Go look it up yourself - I am sure it is somewhere on youtube. I watch First Take every single day for last 3 years and I saw that back-and-forth sequence.

I should have mentioned that part. My mistake for not explaining further. Not saying something is not the same as evidence for saying something though if you want to look in the aspect of the law.

I agree with the rest of your post btw.
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