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Default Evan Turner having a great season

ďThe guy is as good a competitor as I have ever coached,Ē Collins said of Turner. ďAnd I have coached some great, great competitors. The guy just wants to win and you see that look in his eye that says 'I am not going to lose.' And that is what makes Evan, Evan. That is what makes him get you 10 defensive rebounds. Thatís what makes him be your point guard when he hasnít done that since the Milwaukee game of last year. Itís what makes him say, 'I have to defend Paul George, I have to defend George Hill, I will do whatever I have to do.íĒ

Turner is averaging 15 points, seven rebounds and four assists. But the most amazing stat and indication of his growth is that he has the fourth-highest three-point field goal percentage in the NBA at 47.5. That number is up from 22.4 in his sophomore season.

-- CSN Philly
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