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Default Re: Where would you draft Marcus Lattimore?

Originally Posted by miggyme1
Lol Yall Too Scary. Im Taking Him In The First Round If The Knee Checks Out.great Attitude....great Work Ethic And All Of The Above..i Need People Like That On My Team Taking Him In The First Round.

He Might Not Be The Same..might Not Be Barry Sanders Or Walter Payton But The Kid Will Be At Least A 1,000 Yd Rusher For At Least 7 To 8 Seasons And If U Dont Believe Me Go Check Out Willis Mcgahee Stats....same Injury Basically....willis Lost All His Speed But He Became A Str8 Line Rusher Like Frank Gore And Everything Has Worked For Him

You'd draft a guy in the 1st round just to be a 1,000 yard rusher, and one who might not even play for a year?

And, the **** you capitalizing everything for?
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