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Default Re: Why are Raptors fans so awesome?

Originally Posted by Graviton
So I have been around this forum for a few years, and honestly have never seen any annoying, ignorant, hateful or retarded posters associated with the Raptors. And there are quite a few of you here, according to the thread/post count you are only below Lakers, but your retard/logical poster ratio is in another dimension compared to those LA thugs. And I don't think I have seen any of you in red, you all have long green sticks.

So what is it about you guys that makes you so calm, intelligent, patient and all around awesome? Especially considering your team's track record from FO to players.

Is it the maple syrup? The bagged milk? Canadian bacon? Free health insurance? Noble French roots? I strive everyday to be more like you guys. You are role models for the way NBA fanbases should act.

Probably cuz our team has no superstar. Makes it harder to be a "homer".

LA & Miami fans think Lebron & Kobe are Gods. We don't have that luxury.
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