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Default Re: UFC president Dana White to make Floyd Mayweather Jr. a multi-million dollar offer to

Mayweather would get owned in the UFC. There is always the chance that he could knock out his opponent before the fight really begins, but once he gets taken down, there will be nothing he can do. He wouldnt be able to defend punches on the ground nor would he be able to defend submissions. I really dont think it will ever happen because of how bad he would look if he got his a$$ kicked. Theres a lot more involved when fighting in MMA. You must train in so many different aspects like boxing, jiu jitsu, ground defense, submissions, etc. Its a very intriguing sport becasue you get to really see how different styles handle against each other. Personally, i like MMA just because there is so much technique involved and you must always adapt when you are standing, on the ground, or on your back.
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