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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by irondarts

But let's not act like there wasn't national outrage over Imus' comments. There was a lot more national outrage over what Imus said than what Parker said. Imus lost his radio show because of it.

And lets not act like imus was unemployed for years or blacklisted. If im correct he got another gig fairly easily. Just admit it. Its a double standard. Stop livin in denial all yo life kid. And those were imus real words his real feelings. Parker was speakin from a community perspective. He never said "I".

Maybe it was bad timing. But if its the truth y is it wrong? Im bout to make a bold statement and its truth but watch people get mad. Here it goes u ready?

Majority of school shootings are committed by white men than any other race. Y is that? Is that not the truth? Am i not allowed to say that?
Crossing the line arent i? Ok ill back

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