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Talking Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
Another great game by Davis, and by Mr. triple double. I liked in his post game interview that he said his goal is to be the most professional player in the NBA. Honestly, Jose Calderon is the face of the Raptors. He's the longest serving, most consistent, and always comes with a professional attitude no matter what.

On a side note, i'm really not a fan of the Lowry signing. I like Lowry a lot and praised it at the time but only because I figured that we were gonna trade Calderon. I knew Lowry and Calderon wouldn't work as a tandem because we've had this exact same issue before. The construction of this team just makes no damn sense.

We definitely need to see how Lowry fits in when he comes back before Andrea, but for now I'm inclined to believe that the team plays much better with Calderon than he, which makes us losing what seems like a lotto pick for him brutal (since we certainly are not looking like a top 3 worst team in the league anymore with Andrea out). Hopefully we can flip Calderon for a pick now that he's back to being awesome to make us losing ours for Lowry less brutal, and maybe kill our chemistry again to get us back into the lotto...
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