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Default Re: Introducing: Ed Davis

Eddy D has impressed me so far this season. He has matured so much as a player. Who here still remembers the Ed Davis who looked disinterested with that still face on every time the camera was shown on him?

Well actually he still has that look on his face here and there but you can tell he just feels more comfortable. I think this is the Ed Davis every Raptor fan has been waiting for. So far he's showed he can at least be a player who provides energy and defense off the bench. Oh, and he's still only 23 years of age.

Ed still has plenty of things to improve on though. His offense is still very limited and he has stone hands. He also has to get stronger if he wants to bang with the better 4's in this league but to see his game progressing is one of the few bright spots in this shitty season so far.
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