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Default Re: Introducing: Ed Davis

Originally Posted by bokes15
I was thinking the other day how funny it is that in this day and age it's actually considered a weakness to have a big who's biggest strengths are rebounding and playing defense. But then you look at it and Ed Davis obviously has a chance at being a much more valuable player than Bargnani despite the fact that he will probably never put up 20/gm.

The key for Ed I think other than say an Eddie Curry is that he's quick enough to keep up with the pace of the modern game on both ends of the court. I think the 4 that spreads the floor is eventually gonna end up like the wildcat offense in the NFL, and will still be implemented from time-to-time to give teams random different looks but eventually teams will get back-to-basics from their bigs. I think the way we've played recently going back-to-basics vs. how we play with Andrea is a perfect example of why. It just works better in lieu of transcendent talent.
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