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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by DKLaker
1. I told you from the start that the guy was a moron who couldn't coach at all.

2. I told you that when Kobe was out and the team went on a winning streak that it was because Kobe was coaching.

3. Mike Brown is a nice person who should never get a NBA head coaching job again as long as he lives.

I agree with number 1 (minus the moron part)

I agree with number 2

I can never agree with number three....

Your number three is a statement that says "what you see is what you always get" with any person. It dismisses the fact that people can get better and improve at something. I've never been a good chemistry student. On my third try I am about to finish the class with a B. It took three tries but I improved.

People get better DK. There is always room to improve if you are not the best. Anyone can become the best if they have the desire.

He may not have been the coach for this team because this team was a championship caliber team. He is still not yet a championship caliber coach. I do feel one day he may be a coach that many pursue after more experiences elsewhere.
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