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Default Re: Article: Devin Ebanks gets long look from Mike D'Antoni in loss to Knicks

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Easy on the "kid stuff". You know I've never appreciated that.

Metta used to drink at halftime, when he was immature. He even said that it was when he was young and dumb and he was clearly nowhere near winning a championship. When he became serious, and turned his focus to his health and to winning....he came to LA and won a trophy.

It doesn't matter if the entire world of pro-athletes party and drink before games. It doesn't make it right.

Kobe Bryant, as much as I am critical of his playing style, is one of the most dedicated basketball players. He doesn't go out and drink during the season. He's always focused on what the lakers are paying him to do.

In our world, if you're caught being hung over at work, you get into trouble with your superiors. In many jobs, you have to be tested for certain foreign substances in your body. Basically, if it ain't okay here, it ain't okay in their world. They still do it....i agree....all the time. But it doesn't make it right.

Would you jump off of a bridge if everyone else did?

Don't take any offense to my "Kid" line, I would call Kobe a kid too
When you get old you will do the same
Heck.....I may even call your dad a kid.... no offense.

I never said it was right....and I clearly think guys who make that kind of money are idiots to drive after drinking.....there are always cabs and limos if you can't trust a designated driver.
My point was that it in no way shape or form is even as much as a slight consideration for suspending or kicking a guy off a team......knowing what I know the suggestion is just insane to say the least.......guys don't get kicked off teams for real things like rape accusations or spousal abuse.......and to hear a few people accuse Ebanks of damaging the team's good name......I have no kind words to say about that.
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