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Default Gametime: Lakers win in Philadelphia 111-98[0021200347]

Artest had a career high 16 rebounds, Kobe had his usual 34, and the bench got a nice lift from morris and meeks.

It's nice to see that on a road trip, the lakers collected back to back wins. The teams weren't as good, but there are a few things that the coach and the players can take from this.

The lakers don't have to be run n gun. It does not mean however that they cannot be a gun team. The lakers hit 14 three pointers, something which seems to be the recurring theme in their wins. If coach can stop the idea of forcing this team to be run n gun, and just turn it into a three point shooting team, this would create a lot of spacing. More than we see when they are confused in their losses. If this offense gets set where we become a three point shooting team, then we have found a way to emulate what was initially supposed to be the princeton offense that MB had intended, before it failed miserably.

Now that this team looks to be playing a bit slower, and looking to shoot, can coach try to get a D back on his name?
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