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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by franchize
A lot of us have been Knicks fans all of our lives.
Not only that but their are more teams struggling at this point. This was a terrible off season for many teams. The east is terrible at this point. Only 4 teams have a good record the rest mediocre records or terrible teams. On the contrary in the West that conference is strong at the top and the middle.

The Knicks has only lost to 2 Eastern Conference teams and they havent played everyone in their division yet. Boston, Miami, Brooklyn arent still who they will be we dont think at this point.

I want the Knicks to feast now through all the adversity of the early season its good. But the team might have a transition incorporating Shump, Stat, Camby. I hope Woodson eases them back in through practice and minimize game minutes.
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