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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Just beat it over the weekend. I could really stand to not have the Desmond storyline at all, which I've said before.

That said it was a reasonable ending to his story arc. I just wasn't thrilled with the running around at the end trying to trigger all the jibberish cut scenes.

I also pulled down some DLC. Added a few dopey missions, but nothing huge. I have a few more Naval Battles to do. I'm a little perturbed about the financial layout, because I'm a lot of dollars from maxing out my ship upgrades, and I don't have many money making options left short of killing random soldiers or tracking down animals. And I don't want to do these missions without upping my ship first.

I'm not sure how much more I'm going to play.

I'm short on three lists. I still need to catch the Courier. I have to observe a bunch of Homestead activities. And I obviously missed a George Washington speach. I don't see killing myself to get these couple things as a possiblility, but we'll see.

I was at Gamestop yesterday picking up a WWE13 for a christmas gift, and I grabbed the complete Walking Dead game for like 20 bucks, so I may give that a go. And I also still have Hitman sitting around waiting to be loaded up.
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