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Originally Posted by $LakerGold

Is it still basketball?
I see where he's coming from. It truly seems the NBA 2K series was constructed only with man-to-man defensive schemes in mind. When playing against a zone defense, the core principles that'd allow a team to break that zone down in real life do not seem to be readily available in the video game. Passes are often not quick enough, double teams can often be sprung too easily with little recourse, there are no zone-specific offensive counter plays, and defenders still seem to have a vast advantage in gambling while still being able to recover in time to disrupt nearly any open look that'd otherwise be available in real life.

All that said, that type of defensive attitude from many human opponents is a large part of why I opt not to play online. Obviously, it's not my right to tell folks how to play, it's their decision to make, it just doesn't mesh with my video game basketball desires. I enjoy being able to make basketball decisions that result in success and when facing a 1-3-1 zone and not having any of my solid decisions come to fruition because the game is not built to counter such a scheme, I lose a little bit of interest.

Basically, I do not really want to devise a video game way of beating someone's video game defense. I want to play something that even vaguely resembles basketball and its true strategies. As another poster said, if we wanted to be sticklers, NBA teams rarely (if ever) employ a true 1-3-1 defense because it'd leave them repeatedly susceptible to everyone's favorite pro shot: the corner three. This counter is not readily available in 2K13 with consistency, due to the aforementioned poor passing, spacing, and recovery mechanics which were made almost exclusively to combat man-to-man defense, in my opinion.

I understand where folks are coming from who employ those zones, with their gambles and their exploitation of the offense not having something specific to counter their attack and whatnot. I know that's people merely looking to win at all costs. That's just not what we're all looking for.

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