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Default Re: PREDICTIONS: Next 7 games (rest of the year of 2012.)

Originally Posted by Clutch
Dec. 17: vs Houston W
Dec. 19: vs Brooklyn W pick'em
Dec. 21: vs Chicago W pick'em
Dec. 23: vs Minnesota L
Dec. 25: @ LA Lakers L
Dec. 26: @ Phoenix W
Dec. 28: @ Sacramento W
It's ironic that the first 3 games the Knicks lost to these teams already. Its tough to predict which games we would win or lose. I have put it in the memory bank and I have never been absolutely right or close.

With that said. The home stand are 3 lose-able games for different reasons.

I think the Knicks can win against Houston they are without Patterson, Morris cant defend but can score. Harden and Parsons are problems. They now have Delfino back. But this team is a terrible road team!

Brooklyn will be rested and although its a back to back but the other game was at the Barclay Center. With time for Lopez to heal more and get acclimated again. This is an ugly gritty team with many parts struggling. This will be a close ugly game that can go either way. Considering the Nets are not good closers I will bet on the Knicks to win.

This will be another grind it out game. Chicago is just winning ugly and the only consistent player is Noah. You cant predict who will go off for this team for example Deng or Boozer etc... Considering they would have time to prepare this is another pick'em game like the Nets. I say the Knicks will want this one and find a way to win a close one. On a side note at this time we should be looking for Stat's return.

This is a tough match up. Rubio, Love, AK and Peko for Minny are going to be a handful and they will have Rubio increasing minutes by this time. They would have had a few days off so I can see this one being our first loss.

Lakers lets just say all parts should be back on this day. Nash Paul Dhoward Black Mamba... Days off before this game at home Xmas.... I will just give them the benefit of the doubt. But I know the Knicks can win this game honestly. The Lakers defense is atrocious!

Pho and Kings are just 2 expansion teams. Depending on the injury situation for the Knicks and having Stat most likely back. These should be both W's!

Regardless of where the W's and L's are 5-2 or better would send a great message and the bandwagon will be full by New Years. The NBA will be buzzing and jumping especially if Stat comes in with his new role and is making it work! If Shump makes an early debut with Stat in and the Knicks are still winning. It can be Linsanity all over again in the NBA and on message boards.

4-3 would have me concerned regardless of where and how the Knicks lose. Because that means either we didnt hold serve on the home court or we lost on the road to some bums. If these are not injury driven loses or force feed Stat loses.

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