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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by airchibundo507
I probably would have been too if I had grown up in New York and been exposed to the Knicks from an early age. Unfortunately, I didn't have such a luxury, but having a favorite player instead of a favorite team doesn't make me any less a fan of basketball.
So that's your excuse ? I live like 4000 miles away from New York but the Knicks are the only team I've ever root for. I get up at 1-2 am almost every night just to watch the Knicks play.
Yeah,I'm often frustrated by their play and sometimes just want to send everything to hell but I watch like 95% of their games or even more despite them playing in the middle of the night.

You're either a real fan or not. You're a player fan. If Melo leaves the Knicks you would leave with him.
Real fan watches the team no matter who's playing for them.

Knicks often make me mad or frustrated but at the end there's no better feeling than watching your team win. Your team that you root for since you started watching the game.

I'm still young (I was a baby in the 90's) so this is the best I've ever watched the Knicks play. It actually feels weird winning so many games.
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