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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Rameek
But you are not a dedicated fan of the team. You didnt experience the travesties and failures. The empty promises. I wouldnt question your love of the game but I would question your loyalty to the team. You dont have the appropriate perspective to understand why all the apprehension and doubt. For this reason its already known you are not a Knicks fan but a PLAYER fan. Your opinion comes with a grain of salt in regards to the organization moves adjustments etc..... But as a basketball fan you may make valid points that can be respected.

Most of us Bleed for this you are a pseudo fan a faux hawk fan.

Melo is the face of this franchise and he will retire a Knick. I'll be here awhile, get used to me. As for organization moves, I probably know how to properly build around Melo better than anyone on this board.
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