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Default Re: The Official Dexter Season 7 Thread

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
That's been my problem with this season. Dexter is being way too careless and taking too many silly risks. I don't know if this is the intent to lead to an eventual "downfall" or just sloppy writing. I just think the writers feel like they need to "go big" after the weak season last year and that just opens up too many plot holes and silly character motivations.

I think that Deb drugged herself as well and that Cap. Matthews knows all about Dexter (from Harry) and is trying to protect him. The way he dismissed the possibility of Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher so quickly despite all the obvious signs pointing to him doesn't make sense for someone who was such a high ranking police officer.
I suspect Matthews has some idea about Dex. But like someone said but his motivation was the pension.
I wasnt overly satisfied with the ending. But its quite obvious why Dexter is making so many errors. He has modified the code beyond recognition from the beginning to now. At this point he is just a psychopathic killer without the code (he was one before regardless of the code).

My assumptions in white:

I think Deb gets pushed into the role of Dexter with some kind of new code of her own. Dexter and Hannah try to kill each other for a good portion of the time but reconcile only to meet the inevitable end by Deb according to the code.

How was that for a reach?
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