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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Rameek
Again you missed the point which further shows your not a fan. Your loyalty is to Melo not the past or future of the Knicks. Which makes most of your points no matter how insightful inconsequential. You do not have the best interest of the Knicks you have the best interest of Melo.

You may not have the capacity to understand the difference on any level by your responses.

No one can stop you really from posting here or anywhere without an egregious act. Just understand where the backlash comes from.
The thing is, what's best for Melo is what's best for the Knicks---well except maybe if the Knicks were to move him for a better player, but right now there are maybe only 5-6 guys at most playing better than him and a trade for LBJ/KD/Paul/Howard isn't plausible. Melo is the franchise guy that the Knicks are counting on to lead them to a title, and the Knicks aren't winning a championship unless Melo plays to his full potential. Our goals mostly coincide, and you my friend are too shortsighted to see it.
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