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Default Re: Why is MarShon being "dangled as trade bait"?

I wouldn't trade Marshon. To me, that is the kind of young player who could make a leap and all of a sudden a team that isn't a contender suddenly is closer. And he's also a player that can move into a bigger role as other pieces get older. Or if Wallace gets hurt (the way he plays injuries will come) or JJ declines at all at his age. Yes, Marshon looks lost on defense but he's not given a defined role. It's hard to improve that quickly without a defined role.

I said this before (and i actually posted it at the time i heard it, why doesn't Avery like Marshon?) there was a time last year Marshon was playing well, and a reporter asked Avery about his backcourt of the future of Deron and Brooks (at the point people were comparing him to Kobe) and Avery said "i don't see Brooks as a starter, i see him as the type of player who would be a good sixth man". at the time the Nets had very little (healthy) talent, and no JJ. It was telling to me. A very pat "yes, he's playing well" would have sufficed.

We'll see what happens but if the Nets are really determined to move Brooks it's probable they do, and i find it hard to see how they get value.
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