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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Rameek
The indullable fact is your rationale is flawed and yes shortsighted because what's best for Melo isnt necessarily whats best for the Knicks as an organization. I knew you would come with that weak sauce rationale. There is nothing to gain from further discussions in this matter because no one wants you to be a Knicks fan (If I can take the liberty). No one is trying to convince you otherwise.

There is a mutual understanding that you like a player if traded/released/retire you can disappear. Therefore, no one cares about what you think or say for the most part in regards to the success or failings of this organization.

You take liberties with the "WE" stuff which doesnt exist because you are not a Knicks fan. You dont get coodles or props for your declarations in regards to the Knicks. Dont expect it, its undeserving and its not warranted.

In no way am I saying you shouldnt be allowed to share your opinion or it shouldnt be respected. Personally I read it but rarely respond to it because I see it as drivel. A necessary evil.

You dont represent the Knicks in any capacity.

I love the Knicks but I dont have a favorite Knick because its a team game. I dont even have favorite players from other teams. I am hardcore that way.

For example: You cant love Jordan and Love the Knicks because the goals are counterproductive!

These opinions shared here are not a representation of other Knick fans but Meeks alone.
Amare and Felton and Kurt Thomas
Bargnani, Calderon, and Amir Johnson

Because it would be best for Carmelo. And the team game of the Knicks would improve
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