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Default Re: Why is MarShon being "dangled as trade bait"?

what i was looking forward to (long-term) after this offseason was for JJ and wallace to be traded away as expirers in their final years and for people like marshon to step up and fill the void at such time. but i'm not sure if that works, anymore.

one of BK's biggest strengths is finding talent, and making deals for all these insane contracts effectively sabotages a lot of that.

i don't mind avery calling marshon a 6th player when he IS a 6th player. if he wants better than that, that's on marshon. and stack was obviously lighting it up in practice and bogans is obviously way better on D, so i can understand them getting higher usage this season. but not marshon getting zero usage so many games.

i mean, how much trade value are you going to get for a player if you make him look this unwanted? in a sense, maybe all this actually means is that the nets want to light a fire under the kid and have the confidence that he'll do the right thing in the end, i.e. learn the playbook and hustle his ass on D.
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