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Default The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

What would you do?

Jr smith

Then if you use not only amare but Felton and shumpert to play with him- that's the best bench in the league when you add in novak as their next shooter, Camby as the next big, and brewer as the next wing defender

Felton and shumpert would probobaly play more minutes a game still than both starting guards but that would put each individual player in the situation that would be best for them except maybe Felton and chandler. When amare comes back he needs to play the 2 man game with a pg, and jr needs a quicker hook when it's not working and more different opportunities seeing if he ccoukd get hot. Kidd would make a huge impact on jr, and the deduction making taken out of hrs hand by being w Kidd and Carmelo would make him that much more lethal as for the first time ever a 3rd ball handler instead of a primary ball handler.

The way you should look at it is do you continue to put Felton and chandler in the best positions to succeed and ask Carmelo and jr smith to fit around or do you put Carmelo, amare, and jr smith in the best positions to succeed.

The most important reason in your rotation should be to put your best players in the best position to succeed. The way Carmelo could play inside the 3 and around the hoop would blow your mind if he played with 3 shooters the caliber or Rasheed, jr, and Kidd

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