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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I don't know. They kind of layed his behavior out in a way that it could be viewed from either perspective. It was like he coming clean with his family as a means of saying goodbye. But was it a goodbye because he's now become a full time terrorist, or he's expecting to die in an explosion, or is it a goodbye because he intends to move on with Carrie who just understands him more than they will ever be able too. To me it could've been read either way, and I'm positive that was done intentionally.

It would've looked more clear had Brody been the one to call Carrie away, and not the other way around. His "that's weird, someone moved my car." line, was intentionally misleading. Would it have changed things had we not known that info. If the explosion just happened, and then after the fact we learned with Saul that it appeared to come from Brody's car. It was as if that line were placed there to explicitly tell the audience that either there's someone else participating, or that he's trying to convince Carrie that there's someone else participating. Otherwise what's the point.

Or what about the sequence that came before the "That's wierd, somebody moved my car line."

Carrie tells Brody she choose him over the CIA and he looked sad. She even asked him why do you look sad?

Maybe he thought she would choose the job and was regretting going back to being a terrorist? If he is...I dont know. Its too confusing.
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