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Originally Posted by Bano114
Or what about the sequence that came before the "That's wierd, somebody moved my car line."

Carrie tells Brody she choose him over the CIA and he looked sad. She even asked him why do you look sad?

Maybe he thought she would choose the job and was regretting going back to being a terrorist? If he is...I dont know. Its too confusing.

One of the beefs I have with this show is I've never heard of a "reformed" terrorist. I've never heard of a Muslim terrorist that struggles between staying true to his mission and faith over having a normal life with a family. The reason why they are willing to kill themselves over their cause is cause they are so stuck to their beliefs. At least that's what I also thought. Maybe some of you have read or heard differently. But thats why I always thought it was kinda stupid Brody was always so confused about what he wanted. And actually because of that, that could be a reason why he's still a terrorist.
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