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Originally Posted by KevinNYC
There are ex-jihadis out there. For a lot of them the change came after they went to prison though. For Brody, it could be being back amongst his family and away from Abu Nazir that means he spends less time in the terrorists world, so he could waver.

Also he did kill the Vice President. Who seemed to be a man he personally hated. So he might not be able to kill indiscriminately, but specifically. Also, perhaps that killing got it out of his system.

He's killed what, 3 people now?

Part of what makes Brody interesting is that he seems to mainly want to be intructed. Weather it's by Carrie, or Nazir, or the Marines, or even by his family. He seems to crave a mission, whatever that may be. Left to his own devices he's extremely wishy washy. That seems to make him such a pliable character. What they're hiding from us is who's mission is he following from moment to moment.

The influence Nazir had over him pops out from time to time. Sure he at least acted leveraged by Carrie's kidnapping in giving Nazir the pacemaker code, but at the same time, his reservations about going through with that mission didn't stop him from taunting Walden after the fact, or taking the phone from him. It's not entirely clear where his loyalties lie from moment to moment. And it's also not clear why his motives are his motives. Is it part of a larger scheme, or did his hatred of Walden just kind of pop through in that moment.
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