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Originally Posted by guy
He wouldn't tell his family that if he was still a terrorist because he wouldn't run the risk of himself being exposed if he still had future terrorist plans in mind. He might trust them enough and risk telling them if he was done with that life but I don't see him telling them if he still had plans.

I don't recall him telling anyone anything about future plans. He told Dana about wearing the suicide vest, but sort of expressly says that he was messed up, and isn't that person anymore. He never really got to tell Jess much because she cut him off.

Now he may have lied to them, fully intending to continue being "that person", but he may have done so with the intention of dieing in that explosion. It wasn't him that pulled them to the side, it was Carrie. Maybe that's why he looked sad, had he known her choice ahead of time perhaps he wouldn't have gone through with it.

With Nazir gone, and retribution taken for Issa, on both Walden and Estes, and even Walden's son dieing in the explosion, he may not feel any more obligation to follow through with anything else. All the things Nazir used to leverage him have been reasonably resolved. And Nazir isn't around to make new ones, and even then making a motive last time took 8 years.

Now it may be him just trying to manipulate his way out of the situation.

I could see this ending with he and Carrie living happily ever after, him being cleared of the bombing, and in the last episode turning to the camera and giving the smile Micheal Jackson gave at the end of Thriller.
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